Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

I feel like writing...

Well, yesterday was the township yard sale. My parents packed up the car and the trailer and we were down there (township building parking lot) at about 7:15am. This was, of course, after Dad had said we should get there before 7. :-P Anyway, we set up, I drove Liz to work and picked up a few things we forgot at the house, and then I spent the rest of the morning watching just about no one look at our stuff. :-( Turns out the budget for the Park&Rec in the township got cut because of recent sewer troubles, so the publicity was nill (what was the point in paying $12 for a space, if we weren't going to get any services in return?)... and there was a really, really lame group that was supposed to be having a bake sale, but instead was selling items that usually come in vending machines -- bluk. And no band this year. OH, well. We sold some of the big stuff we brought (a couple light fixtures, a piece of furniture, a bike, some tools & tool boxes). Ironically, the stuff that sold the best was the stuff we were debating if we should bring it or throw it out. :-P Just shows ta go ya. But now we still have five-bazillion (give or take a bazillion) "happy meal" toys. Luckily, we've found a way to get rid of a bunch of them -- our church's VBS is this week and they are getting prize bags from us whether they want them or not. :-P But that also means we had to sort through them AGAIN and put them in bags and such. I think that's what Albert and I are doing this afternoon. So much for getting to see the Fantastic 4 with Albert. I'll have to take him when I get back from Mike's.

The power was out this morning for a few hours. Luckily, the sun was shinning in my window and poking me in the eye, so I didn't over sleep or anything... although, I don't think I could have because I'd been getting up every couple hours since 4am, anyway. *shrug* But it's back now. *yea*

Church in an hour. I'm doing the incanting today. Shouldn't be a big deal, but I've gotta get to church early to run through it with Barb (music director) first. I miss singing. And music. Somehow, I don't even listen to music that often anymore. Although, I have been practicing the piano everyday. And not just fooling around, either. Actually practicing... playing each song 4-5 times through and aiming for accuracy and such. I'm thinking of setting up my keyboard in the basement or in my room, but I'm not quite sure where it will fit -- darn thing's full size. :-P It would be nice to play and have all the keys sound when I press them. e.e Where's the piano tuner when you need him, anyway?

Hmm.. better get dress and get some breakfast before church!
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