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Ooooh.. my first entry!

Okay, fine. I'll start with this morning when I got up @ 5am to get ready to leave for RIT! (Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Deitz!)... And this was extra-ly not fun because I didn't have the best night of sleep the night before... (Think: Car ride with parents AND grandparents AND younger siblings... with a dash of PACKING!). After a four and a half hour car ride...(and a stop for breakfast at the Ponda Rosa [yes, two words, no, not the chain]which was cute).. I WAS BACK!!! At RIT, that is... Thank you, Lord. How is it that Christmas break was not long enough to do all the stuff I wanted to, but too long for me to spend all that time at home?!?!? Beats me. Anyway, back to my day. Saul & I went to Dibella's(If you don't know what that is, find out), and hung out around campus 'til it was time for the RIT TIGERS HOCKEY GAME! At which point, we parted ways.... who knew a guy could not like hockey?!??! Not me! Whatever.
Final score:
RIT: 4
Manhattanville: 2
Then We(the infamous 'we' including: Dan, Cindi, Jones, John, Jackie, Jason, Paul, & Company) when out to Apple-by's(where the waiter was hot, but not my type... yet) and we had WAY too much fun as usual. Did I miss anything? Hope not, 'cuz my pinky hurts from typing. Go ahead, call me a wuss, I dare ya'! (And I soooo could take on the 5'5" miget!)
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