Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

What I want in a Camera

~~I want to be able to print (myself or at the drug store) pictures out as 4x6 and not tell it's digital (meaning: really high res)
~~I want to be able to print pictures larger than 4x6
~~I want to pay less than $500 including any memory cards/battery stuff I may have to buy.
Note: if I buy Sony, I already have memory sticks (although, I'll probably want one Pro stick) and I already have tons of AA NiMH rechargables.
~~At least 3x optical zoom -- getting no zoom was my biggest mistake last time.

Cameras I'm looking at:

Sony DSC-W7 Digital Camera

Sony DSC-P200 Digital Camera

Pentax Optio 750Z Digital Camera

Sony DSC-H1 Digital Camera
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