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camera... *drool*

This is probably my new camera. I got a flyer in the mail on Saturday that gives me 10% off digital cameras at Best Buy (they are so timely) if I buy this week -- gets the price down to about what I'd pay online (not including shipping) so I might end up actually purchasing something at a physical location. How very last decade. Any last comments would be appreciated. :-P Oh, also, I'll have to buy a new memory stick -- should I go for 512mb or the 1gb?


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Jul. 25th, 2005 06:45 am (UTC)
Despite my negative-sounding-remarks earlier, I definetely DID like the H1 when I used it! It's a nice cam, and the zoom on it really IS drool-worthy for not having any kind of additional lens! The pop-up flash is also kinda convientient for someone like me who often wants no-flash and forgets to turn it off -- on the H1, if the flash is down, there ain't no flash! Makes it easier. So yeah! If you get it, lemme know how YOU like it! Since, yeah, SORRY! I haven't turned my comp back on yet. :( I have no place for it, so I've been cleaning space for it . . .

ALSO, regarding memory cards, I guess it depends on if you have a laptop, how many pics you take on average (I tend to WAY over-shoot ... like a 10-to-1 ratio), and whether or not you have the extra cash. PERSONALLY, I'd go with TWO 512 mb cards, but that's the cautious worrier in me. On Imaging Resource, as well as on DPReview.com, you'll read the memory cards every now and then glitch up and/or degrade with time and you start losing photos. This has happened to me in the past 2 weeks simply because the 256 mb SM card I'm using is over 3 years old. Apparently, they don't last longer than that?! Mildly frustrating, but I'm cautious, so I'd personally like to have 2 512-mb cards than put all my eggs in one basket. But I seriously doubt that's cheaper. Bah humbug!!!!

Now that I've been no help at all, I'm going to sleep. ;P
Jul. 25th, 2005 01:17 pm (UTC)
Ohh... I never heard of memory cards degrading... I've had mine for about three years now... I haven't noticed a difference. Hm. Thanks for the opinions. :-D
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