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Aloha Oi, until we meet again...

I have safely returned from the jungles of Hawai'i to the jungles of PA. :-P What an awesome, adventure packed trip! As usual, adventure packed meant no time to do much of any postcard writing or journal writing (I'm still 4 days behind), but I did manage to get a bunch of postcards sent.

We picked up a lot of fun slang stuff like calling everyone "cousin" or ugly/sexy/crazy cousin... using the Shaka (Good job! Awesome! Rock on!)... and just the language in general. Hawaiian is just wonderful language; I have a feeling I'll be using it a lot for a while so don't be surprised if I say any of the following:

Mahalo : Thanks
Hana Hou: Do it again! / Encore!
Ohana: Family (as everyone knows!)
Aloha: Hello / Good bye / Welcome / I love you / I'm sorry / We are one in the same, I "get" you
No Ka Oi: The Best!

And I must say, North Shore, O'ahu No Ka Oi!

(More in depth update, checking e-mail/lj, and delving back into the world in general once I get some sleep -- I've been up for 36 hours and counting!)
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