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More about my day

After I got home from work this evening, I ate dinner (which was lovingly already prepared and on the table when I got in the door!), and then Mom and I jetted off to the Service Committee meeting. Which of course was a blast. I think this is going to be fun going to meetings and stuff again. It'll just be like college!

Mom and I volunteered to make a poster of newspaper clippings of Katrina to put in the Narthex with a donation container. (We are still trying to think of a Louisiana/New Orleans themed container... any ideas?)

So, then when I got home, we went through the newspapers from the last week, and I cut out all the big pictures and the headlines... we've got enough for probably 2 or 3 posters with that stuff. Yikes.

After that, we were racking our brains for a MAJOR EVENT that happened to our immediate family between 1988 and 1993. There was nothing. We checked through all the calendars that we had. So Albert's project will have to do with a vacation to the Grand Canyon and me going to the emergency room and finding out nothing was broken (again).

Then we had to coax Liz through her e-mail dilemma which resulted in her discovery of an important e-mail in her trash folder. e.e

Then I took a shower and updated LJ. Hm, I think that's just about it!
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