Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Life, at large

What a week! First week of work, and the first week (ever) living and commuting from home. Very strange. The last time I worked here, Mom drove me to Chocolate World @ 7:15 and picked me up at 4.

Yesterday, I decided to finally move in. I emptied a lot of boxes, rearranged things in my closet so that my kitchen supplies are at the very bottom and stuff I need is at the top and easily accessible. I'm going to go through my clothing and make a shopping list today. I've also gotta organize my desk and go through some papers.

This morning I went to the 8am service at church and then at 9:30(should have been 9:15 -- oops) we had a Kick-off celebration show for Sunday school. What a crazy group we have! I sang a classical song (sucko) and there was a trumpet trio (very good) and then at the opposite end of the spectrum we sang bible school type songs (Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, et al). Then of course, we had SKITS! Three, actually. one that told the story of Ruth (they really need to do some type casting - Naomi was the youngest?! NO!), the story of Joseph (who was about 8 and some of his brothers were older than Jacob), and the story of the Prodigal Son (hilarious as usual). It's really great to see everyone getting so excited about learning about the bible, but sometimes I wonder if we are Lutheran or Southern Baptist. :-P

This afternoon, I'm going by Lindsay's Mom's house to help her with her digital camera. Then I've gotta drop off the glossy paper at the Ronald McDonald house and swing by the library to bring some books to the book sale drop off.

And I think I'm going to watch a movie tonight.

Here's an interesting website to check out today.

Question: Anyone know why my LJ Browse preferences keep changing from Dystopia to XColibur? I keep changing it back! Arg!
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