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WACGD: Global Response to Hurricane Katrina

Dear Members,

As the United States continues to cope with the catastrophic fallout from Hurricane Katrina, we thought you would find of interest the strong international response to this crisis. In part to inform, but also to recognize those countries that have given so far, I have included a list of these countries that was current as of early yesterday evening (source: CNN). Just as the economic implications of catastrophes of this magnitude are global, so is the response to help accelerate the recovery.

So far, 94 countries and international organizations have offered aid, according to a State Department spokesman. Here is its partial list of nations from which the United States has received support:

� Afghanistan: $100,000
� Armenia: $100,000
� Australia: $7.6 million
� Azerbaijan: $500,000
� Bahamas: $50,000
� Bahrain: $5 million
� Bangladesh: $1 million
� Belgium: Medical/logistics teams to Red Cross
� Canada: 2 helicopters, 32-person rescue team, Air Canada evacuation flights, medical supplies, 3 naval ships and a Coast guard vessel packed with supplies, and 1,000 military personnel
� China: $5.1 million cash and relief supplies
� Djibouti: $50,000
� Finland: 3 logisticians to Red Cross
� France: Tents, tarps, Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), water treatment supplies
� Gabon: $500,000
� Georgia: $50,000
� Germany: MREs and high speed pumps
� Greece: Cruise ships, private offer of an International Committee of the Red Cross Web-based tracing system
� India: $5 million
� Israel: Tents, first aid kits, baby formula
� Italy: Generators, water pumps/purifiers, tents, medical supplies
� Japan: $1 million cash, generators, tents, blankets, bottled water
� Kuwait: $400 million in oil, $100 million cash
� Maldives: $25,000 cash
� Mexico: Bedding, MREs, baby care items, personal hygiene kits
� NATO: Coordinating European assistance offers
� Norway: $1.54 million in relief supplies
� Organization of American States: $25,000 cash
� Qatar: $100 million cash
� Republic of Korea: $30 million cash and in-kind donations
� Saudi Arabia: $255 million from Aramco
� Singapore: 3 helicopters
� Sri Lanka: $25,000 cash
� Taiwan: $2 million cash, medical supplies
� Thailand: Large amounts of food
� United Arab Emirates: $100 million cash
� United Kingdom: MREs
� U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: U.N. Disaster Assessment and Coordination Team and logistics support
� U.N. World Health Organization: Public health officers and logisticians
� Venezuela: Up to $1 million to Red Cross


James N. Falk


Why this was twelfth (at best) page news, is beyond me. *sigh*


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Sep. 13th, 2005 04:36 am (UTC)
Because it doesn't fit in with either party's view on aid: we're either the only ones that give it, and therefore must give a lot, or we shouldn't be giving it out in the first place ∴ no one else should.
Sep. 13th, 2005 10:57 am (UTC)
I saw that about at least a week ago. I think I found it from a link from the Hanson forum's though, I'm not sure.

Also some station on tv did a segment on the help of Mexico's military. It was the first time they crossed the border since 1849 and there was some big historical thing to it.
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