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We shall see...

Okay, my throat is still sore, but that doesn't mean that I have to go the SHC just yet... I'm drinking my OJ and taking meds.... Also, I'm doing my best to consolodate my schedule so that I can get to sleep at a decent hour tonight... I figure, I'll go to my 8am, then I'll drop my homework off for Discrete math class and drop off the Spring Fest applications... then I'm going to go to Prof. Stone's lab section that meets from 2-4(which usually conflicts with math class... but I'm skipping that today). So it looks like I'll be done around 4 at which point I can take a bit of a nap and go to the Open Mic Night(In the Grind from 7-10 with performances by Modern Art, too)..... but there is no way I can help set stuff up or put stuff away... I'm too sore as it is... okay, better get ready for class. :-/


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Apr. 25th, 2002 05:31 am (UTC)
Going to Open Mic
I plan to head out to Open Mic for a bit tonight. I want to see if I can catch Dan there and see if he can make it to Dusk Til Dawn on May 4th. I heard he can do some awesome things with a piano or keyboard, so I figure if RITSMA does agree to join in, then it'd be sweet having him there to join along too.

Speaking of which, on a side note, if you got a chance to talk about whether or not RITSMA is interested, I'd love to hear.

So far, we have these clubs agreeing to come to Dusk Til Dawn:

Electronic Gaming Society (me :) )
RIT Anime Club
Go Club
Rochester Wargamers Association and Guild
Info Tech. Student Organization
Juggling Club

I'd like to add RITSMA on there since you guys do some neat stuff too. :)

And in terms of health, I hope the sore throat doesn't affect your singing voice. It'd be a shame to go and have a throat too sore to sing with. I don't know if I can stay for all of Open Mic, but I plan to be there around 7 or so.

Hope you feel better soon. Take care now. :)

~Steve the Nosey
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