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We shall see...

Okay, my throat is still sore, but that doesn't mean that I have to go the SHC just yet... I'm drinking my OJ and taking meds.... Also, I'm doing my best to consolodate my schedule so that I can get to sleep at a decent hour tonight... I figure, I'll go to my 8am, then I'll drop my homework off for Discrete math class and drop off the Spring Fest applications... then I'm going to go to Prof. Stone's lab section that meets from 2-4(which usually conflicts with math class... but I'm skipping that today). So it looks like I'll be done around 4 at which point I can take a bit of a nap and go to the Open Mic Night(In the Grind from 7-10 with performances by Modern Art, too)..... but there is no way I can help set stuff up or put stuff away... I'm too sore as it is... okay, better get ready for class. :-/
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