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Today was Saturday?

I totally slept 'til 10:40 today. What was that about. :-P I think Hershey Park wiped me out last night. But Albert and I had a blast. :-) He won a Frog at one of the aiming games and we went to Chocolate World for Sundaes after we finished going on rides. We even split up at one point so I could go on the Storm Runner and he went on the Trailblazer (twice). Good times. My feet are still feelin' it.

Today after I finally crawled out of bed, I nagged (at least I'm honest) Albert about getting stuff done before I had to bring him to his camp out. I took him up to the cabin and hiked up there, too. Crazy in the woods! They're sleeping in a TeePee tonight... looks like it is going to be fun. The TeePee is gigantic, too. We had to walk about 1/4 mile up hill in the woods (no path, really) to get to the cabin. I had sandals on and I was totally out of breath when we got to the top. Yikes.

After I left there, I deposited my first paycheck. :-D *yea* Then I dropped my prescriptions off at Rite Aid. That place is gigantic. Then I went to K-mart to kill some time before I was meeting Jen Good for lunch. I actually found a pair of pants and a nice shirt to add to my work attire. And I bought new underwear. Which you all needed to know. :-P

Jen and I met at the Tokyo Diner place and we went in, sat down, saw the prices, and promptly left. There was no way we were going to pay 15-30 for lunch. SO, we went to Applebee's instead. :-P And I had a $10 coupon that I had to use (even though it already expired), so that worked out nicely. We jabbered the whole time, and we didn't run out of stuff (and people!) to talk about, so it was quite lovely. :-) Then we went to Weis (food store) and did a bit of shopping together before we parted ways and she headed to the Gym. I had to go pick up my prescription and it turned out my insurance doesn't like to cover my allergy medicine, so I have to call them on Monday and yell at them.

Hershey was an absolute mess of traffic because it was the last weekend for Hershey Park AND there's this gigantic RV show that ends this weekend. I managed to go around most of the traffic, though, which was good.

Got home and worked on my sewing a bit, checked my e-mail, and read the paper. Waited for mom to be ready to go to Kohl's and we left around 6pm.

I got gas at Costco ($2.65 - *yea* membership places!) and then we went to Kohl's. I got a few new blouses for work, a new purse (gasp!), and some jewelry (more gasps!). I've gotta remember to write mom a check for all of that. It was extra 15% off day if you used your Kohl's charge so everything was really cheap. It was awesome. Then we stopped at Karn's (grocery store) and bought some more stuff. I got some Star Wars mini-M&Ms. I hope they will last me a while.

I think that's about it. Crazy busy day. Mom and I are going to the 8am service tomorrow. Then I'm picking up Albert around 10:30. I need to make a list of stuff to do on weekdays because the weekends just disappear!



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