Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Cheese = personality? right.

Ah, the power of cheese.. The type of cheese you eat reveals your personality:

* Cheddar -- You're into sports. You have a lot of energy. You are clever and "sharp" and can be very stubborn.
* Swiss -- You're sophisticated, aloof and enjoy life's finer things. Friends have a hard time dealing with you because of your "richy rich" temperament, but you are superstitious, too.
* Blue Cheese -- you're cool, mellow, wise; knowledgeable. The other mice always seek you out.
* Mozzerella -- You're shy, reserved, kind and thoughtful and a pushover for your stronger more aggressive rodents.
* American -- You're cautious, practical, down-to-earth, but unfortunately have little or no style. You're always the wing-woman and never the pilot.
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