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Yea! Open Mic Night tonight was great! I got to perform this time, too! I haven't done any performing for a long time; I never realized how much I miss it... and I'm not going to get to do anything this summer either 'cuz they probably have done auditions for everything already. Darn... I'll put on my own One Woman Show. heheh... I can talk about socks and pants.. and other stuff. After all, I'm so funny! :-D
Anyway, I know I had a point... oh, yeah, Open Mic Night! We had a great turn out and it felt reallly crowded(due to lack of space in the Grind..hehehe). Yeah! I was realizing that the last time RITSMA had an Open Mic Night at the Grind it was my first one, and it was the same night that Mike and I started going out(well, it was technically official the next day, but it was a milestone). That feels like it was a totally different life time. I can't totally explain it, and it was only back in September! I guess that was.... hhhmmm.... 6 months ago! :-O Wow... time for sleep soon... I've got to clean up these piles of crap around here... hehehe.


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Apr. 25th, 2002 08:42 pm (UTC)
Small question
Since things are behind me, I'm not going to insinuate anything here in this post (I want to get away from the stalker image. The image bugs me), but I was curious how things are going between you and Mike.

I don't want to bring up any bad feelings or anything. I'm just curious since it's been so long since we really communicated, that it was just something that struck my mind while reading this post.

You can refuse to answer this question if you want to; I do not mind.

I just figured that it couldn't hurt to ask. (And if it does, I apologize in advance)

It looked like you had some neat stuff for Open Mic night. It looked like you guys had some really cool stuff going on there. The equipment was quite awesome, and I'm glad I got a chance to meet Dan. I don't think I got anyone's e-mail there tonight. I'd like to find a way to keep in touch and see what's going on. I think it'd be awesome if some RITSMA folk show up at an EGS meeting and play video game music on piano or the sound equipment. The guys there would LOVE it! We could even go out of our way to find music sheets for you guys if you needed them. :)

That's just an idea though.

It's too bad I wasn't able to stay there much longer, since I figured that if I had the chance, I'd try and sing too. :) Next time Open Mic Night.... Next time!...

Anyway, I hope to see you at Dusk Til Dawn if you can make it. It's all day and all night, and should be quite awesome. Let me know if anyone plans on going. And I'm glad you're psyched about the idea too. Maybe in the future, we can find a way to get you some sweet spots and sweet stuff in the Clark Gym. Who knows...? Maybe next time, you'll have Open Mic Night in Clark, or have a band play in there for a big event? You never know. :)

Anyhoo, a little bit of curiosity, a little bit of excitement as club planning goes on. A little of this and that in this post.

And to top it off: Tomorrow is Mega Man Day at the EGS meeting from 8 PM to 12 midnight. Stop by if you want to and play it on the big screen with arcade size controllers. Mega Man: as seen in Gracie's Dinnertime Theater. :)

~Steve the Nosey
Apr. 26th, 2002 06:14 am (UTC)
Re: Small question
RITSMA's E-mail address is ritsma@rit.edu Then you can keep in contact with us...
As for Mike? Wow... you are out of the loop... he hasn't been around since the end of Fall Quarter. :-P
Apr. 27th, 2002 11:26 am (UTC)
No kiddin
Thanks for the e-mail. We'll keep in touch. So far what we got planned is that one on side of the gym, we'll put most of the technical clubs. Groups like ITSO, MacRIT, EGS, and some of Anime Club's stuff will be primarily there and reasonably spaced so that any noise from one won't interfere with the other.

In the middle and moving close to the backside will be less techno savvy stuff. RWAG's table top and LARP groups (and RWAG have been very nice to us, so be nice to them too. :) ) will be set up along there, as well as on the other side where there will be plenty of space for juggling club, and room for Go Club as well. If anyone from RITSMA shows up with any equipment or a piano, then there'll be space for you there so that way you can set up and show off some of your best. This will also help keep any sound from you guys from interfering with some of the sound from the other side. (don't want to create a din now do we?) Anime club will have anime going and they'll be wanting to make sure people here it, and most of the games will have sound too (including music games where listening to the sound is very important to playing the game. We ran into trouble with that during Xodus with our big DDR match sitting next to the DJ booth)

This is just what we have in our minds so that way we keep enough even space so that each club gets it's own shot at doing their thing without any conflict. (Putting the Juggling club next to the MacRIT club, for example, wouldn't be good if a bowling pin landed on a Mac. :) )

So that's the update on my part. I noticed the concert will be very close by to where we're doing out thing. If there're people sitting by helping to set up and need something to do, come on by! We'll be there! We open at 1 on Saturday to the public. :)

As for Mike, you are right, I AM out of the loop. So he hasn't been around since Fall quarter huh? Where'd he go?

~Steve the Nosey
Apr. 27th, 2002 12:43 pm (UTC)
Re: No kiddin
(Putting the Juggling club next to the MacRIT club, for example, wouldn't be good if a bowling pin landed on a Mac. :) )
*end snip*

Umm... why? hehehehehe

As for Mike, you are right, I AM out of the loop. So he hasn't been around since Fall quarter huh? Where'd he go?
*end snip*

He went home. 'nuf said.
Apr. 27th, 2002 04:19 pm (UTC)
Re: No kiddin
I sense some "Bad vibrations" towards Macs. ;)

Went home huh? That's too bad. You and him seemed to get along pretty well. At least, from what I knew anyways. Oh well.

I could ask more about after that, but I'm not. What's important is what's going on now, and now is the "OH MY GOD! THERE'S ONLY THREE WEEKS TIL FINALS!" period. So I guess I'll catch yah around, and peep in here every now and then to see what's up. Plus, who have you got lined up for the upcoming Tuesday at the Clock? I might just try and stick around for that if I can. :)

~Steve the Nosey
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