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Yea! Open Mic Night tonight was great! I got to perform this time, too! I haven't done any performing for a long time; I never realized how much I miss it... and I'm not going to get to do anything this summer either 'cuz they probably have done auditions for everything already. Darn... I'll put on my own One Woman Show. heheh... I can talk about socks and pants.. and other stuff. After all, I'm so funny! :-D
Anyway, I know I had a point... oh, yeah, Open Mic Night! We had a great turn out and it felt reallly crowded(due to lack of space in the Grind..hehehe). Yeah! I was realizing that the last time RITSMA had an Open Mic Night at the Grind it was my first one, and it was the same night that Mike and I started going out(well, it was technically official the next day, but it was a milestone). That feels like it was a totally different life time. I can't totally explain it, and it was only back in September! I guess that was.... hhhmmm.... 6 months ago! :-O Wow... time for sleep soon... I've got to clean up these piles of crap around here... hehehe.
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