Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


This morning, I snuck out of the house to go to the 8am service. Yep, first time I ever *snuck* anywhere, and it was to church. :-P

I came home around 9 and I had a whole bunch of time ahead of me 'til Kristy and Cindi were due to show up! I chatted with Mike and Heather, worked on my resume, wrote some e-mails, updated my website, and basically caught up around the net.

Cindi and Kristy came around 1:30 and we hung out and I got to hear about their week so far. :-) It was great to see both of them again... it's been way too long. Definitely have to visit Cindi sometime soon... darn these gas prices! (hey, wait, I've got a paying job....) We had Dinner (chicken parm and spaghetti) and then they had to get back on the road. :-/ A short but enjoyable visit full of Cindi-ness!

I spent the rest of the afternoon sanding a CD rack that we found when clearing out Martin's house. I'm going to stain it tomorrow or Tuesday and it will do the job until I move out and get some sort of entertainment unit for all my media. Having my CDs in a box (even if it does say Tepfenhart on it) is just sad. :-(

And now I am writing on LJ because I've been feeling withdraw since I left the computer earlier.
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