Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Why I hate JAVA class...

Okay, first of all, the Professor doesn't seem to understand the concept of being "on time" nor does he understand the concept of "starting on time", so the class is supposed to start at 10:30 and it's already 10:45 and we haven't started a lecture or nothing... he didn't even get here til 10:37 to let us into the class room... grrr... and my head feels like it is going to explode. Not a really cool thing, although, if it does explode it means that I don't have to do my JAVA homework.. I contemplated getting everyone from the class to leave out the back door before the Prof even got here... I wonder what he would have done.. could have definitely been amusing, 'cept we wouldn't have been there to see it.

Kid sitting in front of me(to Prof)- "Can we start be fore 11?"
Prof- "I'm hoping."

Grrrrrr... yuck. blah. there. He started talking... but nothing important... blah. yuck. hehehe... time to go.
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