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"Speaking from a pure excitement standpoint, the game we scored with just two seconds left might have been the most exciting game I've ever been a part of, regardless of what level. As Elmira was entering the zone with just 10 seconds left, I was thinking 'I hope they just don't score off the rush'. Then we turn around and head up the ice, and Sam Hill scored with two seconds left. The rink was full, and the building was really shaking."

-- Coach Wayne Wilson, speaking about the most exciting sports moment I have ever witnessed.

"The Corner Crew is certainly something that anyone's that played here really appreciates, from the coaching staff to the players, to the former players. That's why we decided my first year here, that we would salute the Corner Crew after every game. Of course, we're saluting all our fans, but I think that the Corner Crew is kind of a special group that represents what college hockey is all about. You like to have that niche of fans that just make the game more enjoyable. They're very creative and very instrumental to RIT hockey tradition, history and future. For example if, you go to the Cornell and Michigan rinks; they're not pretty rinks. By all means, they're not top of the line, meaning they don't have all the bells and whistles. What they do have is tremendous tradition. Their fans are what bring those buildings to life, and I would say the exact same thing for our rink. We show recruits around and if we're not playing, it's kind of hard to give them that sense of environment we play in. When the Corner Crew and the rest of our fans come to a game, our rink really has a life of it's own. It really comes to life and has a great personality. We may not seat what those other rinks do, but we'll certainly give the entertainment value and make it very enjoyable. I've got some pictures on the wall in my office that captures this at RIT. Every season we'll do more promotions to help keep up the RIT tradition."

-- Coach Wayne Wilson, on the Corner Crew

The rest of the interview is at:
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