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Billy Joel

For some reason Adam keeps asking me what my favourite Billy Joel song is.

Here's your answer: I don't have one. I have about 500. :-P

Favourite Billy Joel song for:

Remembering RITSMA: Piano Man
Remembering Singing Valentines (Why I would want to do this is beyond me): The Longest Time
Wailing on imaginary drums: Close To The Borderline
Making no sense: Captain Jack
Remembering High School: And So it Goes
Trying to play on the piano: Prelude + Angry Young Man/Movin' Out
Not even bothering to try and play: Root Beer Rag
Enjoying White Noise (by don delillo): Sleeping With The Television On
Remembering Minnesota: Uptown Girl
Being proud of knowing all the words: We Didn't Start The Fire
Totally rocking out: The River Of Dreams/Tell Her About It/Stiletto/Movin' Out/It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
Singing Along: Summer, Highland Falls/Only The Good Die Young/
I've Loved These Days/Got To Begin Again/Big Shot/Zanzibar
Listening to at work: Keeping The Faith
Making awesome a capella-ness: Allentown
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