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Quick update since I'm here

The drive home was uneventful. I am so paranoid about a deer running across the road in front of my car, though (it's mating season; they're out in full. They've been charging into grocery stores and malls).

Got home and couldn't park in my usual spot. Silly people parallel parking in the pull-in zone! gr. Anyway, he'll be gone soon and I'll have to move my car. I'm blocking my mom in.

We're having baked ziti for dinner. I started the bread... hopefully it will be good. I dumped more onion powder and minced garlic in than usual. :-) But I always think it is too bland, so it will probably be fine. (Cindy & Kristy - this is the modified version of the bread I made when you came)

Tonight I plan to watch Gilmore Girls, work on my cross stitch some more, and tidy up my room. It needs it.

Anyway, my comics will be all loaded soon and I will sign off. That is all.
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