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Just great...

Yeah, so this is just great. I finally get a start on the paper that is due... when? In two days! And I write and write and write... then I finally come in here(I'm at work) to type it all up, and it's just about a page and a half.... double spaced.. Grrrrr....
I also realized I can't really cover all the finer points that the prof wants us to cover 'cuz I'm doing more of a historical paper than a current one. I think this is going to end up being a history paper. He gave me a the frickin' topic, he can get over it. :-P

If I want to go to Borders tonight I have to have a rough draft completed for the writing lab tomorrow. Oh, and that JAVA program? I guess I'll take a look at that in the lab between classes this afternoon. Blah. when did the 8th week sneak up on me?

(oh, and macs are stupid. :-) )
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