Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

A Saturday

My bed was so warm and cuddly this morning that I hit the snooze button for almost a full hour. Then I realized that my computer was sad because it was off so I hauled myself out of bed to turn it on.

I talked to Mike for a bit and checked e-mail and such. I double checked and everything was still a-go for the toaster oven pick up.
I went to Campbelltown to pick up the Toaster Ovens. I even got a microwaveable hot plate out of the deal. I probably spent about an hour and a half total cleaning them up. One of them is clean on the level of "work-safe" but the other cleaned up quiet well and will be going into "storage" until I need it (or Mike does?). Good deal.

After lunch, Karin, Mom, Albert and I went to a craft show at Hershey Middle School. Albert loves craft shows. It's very amusing. He was actually the only one who bought something! hehe.

After that, we went over to Karin's storage unit and proceeded to look for something we never found. Then, we went to Giant (food store) and, duh, went food shopping. *yea* food shopping! Albert loves coupons. Also a good time.

Got home, made instant mashed potatoes (so weird) to go with the fried chicken we bought. Dad ate in front of the TV. We had about 1/8 of the 5-pound-cauliflower that we have. And we were full. *yea* dinner and 2 liters of Coke!

I finally got around to darning my socks with the happy faces on them! Now I can stop wearing non-matching socks to work. Not that anyone would notice.

Mom and I made Apple Crisp and got the Pot Roast all ready for teh cooking tomorrow. *yea* for learning things about crock pots and pot roast!

We watched Catch Me if You Can on ABC. *yea* John Williams.

That was a lot of *yea*s. Tomorrow, Church. And hopefully finishing the rest of stuff on my to-do list.
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