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Hanson/Jersey Shore Weekend in review

Friday I left work when I got a call from Heather and I went straight to the Harrisburg train station via the ghettos of Harrisburg. Oops. :-P Silly mapquest doesn't know where the ghettos are. I actually thought this one guy was looking suspicious (drive-by-shooting-esque driving behavior), but it turned out he was just trying to parallel park. Man, I am paranoid. :-P

After I picked Heather up, we drove back through the ghetto (much less freaked out) and went home. I loaded up the car and then we were off to get Liz at Kutztown. She was just on her way back from the dinning hall. We loaded the car with her stuff and took off for NJ. We stopped in Clinton at a Quizno's in a shopping complex for dinner. I had the messiest sub ever. It was delicious.

We got to the shore around 9-9:30 (methinks) and there were a ton of cars in driveway/around the house. Looked like there was a full fledged party going on. We met Derek in the front yard and introduced ourselves. Then we went in the front door and were assaulted by people! It was just Kristy and Corey (my cousins), Leah (Kristy's friend) and Jessica (Corey's girlfriend). But I think each of them had a car at the house, plus Derek's car... and there ain't all that much room. Kristy was parked in the front yard (a feat in itself). We hung out for a bit, unloaded the car, played with Corey's cat (he lives at the house with Jessica). This is the cutest cat ever. I will post pictures from the weekend and you will see. He's barely 9 weeks old and is so tiny! And... his name... is... Ghetto. Hilarious. :-) Ghetto the cute little kittycat. :-D

Liz, Heather, and I walked to the beach even though it was completely dark. I brought a flash light. Liz and I took off our shoes which turned out to be a bad idea as my feet completely froze. :-P It was breezy and cool and very beach-y feeling! *yea* sand! When we got back, they NJers thought we were crazy. The house was too warm, so Heather and I sat outside and chatted and Liz went to a party with the NJers. They didn't get back 'til about 2:30 -- but it sounded like a crazy fun time and I would have liked to go just to see all the crazy costumes! Someone was the Solar System and someone else was a Pile of Shit. There was even a guy dressed as a Penis. He was a real dick. And he acted cocky. (no joke! it was part of his "costume". :-P)

Saturday morning, I got up and went to Bageleddie's and got bagels for the crew and some crumb buns for us... yummmmyy... I poked Liz awake and we had some breakfasties. It was awesome and delicious. The bagels were still HOT! Nice! :-)

We did not much of anything during the day on Saturday. Sat around. Heard stories from the party the night before. Watched Along Came Polly which was a really great movie. Went to the Italian Riviera for pizza and then we finished watching the movie. YUMMIEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD. *yea* We didn't think it'd be open. That was a great surprise. We also had a mini-birthday party for Corey (His birthday was Sunday). We lit candles on the cake that Aunt Carol sent down and sang and such. Then Corey opened the presents that he already knew what they were while we ate his cake that he didn't want any of. :-P Welcome to the weirdo world of the Germann family.

We left for the concert around 3:30. The drive to Atlantic City was very easy and I had no problem getting right to the Showboat casino. Found a parking spot($5) in the parking garage pretty easily and my car fit right in with the other "old people" cars in the garage. :-P

We walked through the Casino looking for the theatre (found a map and some signs pointing us in the general direction)... what a sparkly place! Mirrors on the ceiling (even in the elevator) and lots of bright sparkling lights and the slot machines were all lit up and flashing and such. Just very disorienting in general. But PRETTY! We wandered around 'til we found the line for the Hanson concert. There was maybe 30 people in it. Then we found out that was the VIP line. The regular line had about 7 people in it. So we wandered around some more. I wanted to look and see if there were any easy-to-figure-out slot machines that I could play for some change or something. There weren't. You have to buy a card thing and then swipe that in the machines. If you win, the money goes onto your card and you bring that to a different machine to get your winnings. What fun is that? There's none of that Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-CHING of the money coming out of the machine if you win! I thought that was dumb. I saved myself $5, too.

We went back up to the line-waiting-area and sat down. We talked until we were bored and then we realized we didn't bring anything to do like cards or anything. D'oh. We played a game of "I've Never". It didn't work too well because I know too much about Liz and Heather and they didn't know enough about each other. :-P I think I won. :-D But then I was mean.

A girl sitting in front of us in line had a latte given to her by her friend, but it turned out she doesn't like coffee. She offered it up and Liz and split it. We waited for a long time. and then it turned out that the doors didn't open until 8... I had thought 7 originally. Dumb. So we waited longer. And then we had to stand up. Queue management was lame and annoying.

I think we got to go in at about 8:15 or so. Then the first band didn't start 'til about 9. They were good. The Consequence. I really enjoyed their music and it was their first show with a big audience and a stage and equipment and stuff -- you could tell they were major excited. It was really great. After they finished their set, there was a break and Heather and I got drinks at the bar (but not until we figured out who to get the wrist bands from). I got a Jack and Coke and Heather got a 007 (Vodka, Sprite, and OJ). Both were yummy. Then the next band came on, The Pat McGee Band. I personally thought they sucked. They had no energy and I didn't find any of their songs engaging. They mostly played covers of songs I never heard before anyway. During their set we got a basket of chicken fingers and fries from the bar (House of Blues restaurant food -- really good!) and split it. I wasn't very hungry because I had eaten half of a pizza earlier. :-P I think Liz ate most of it.

This is a good time to say that the bathroom there was rockin'. Although, the bathroom attendant was so annoyed looking that it was semi-awkward. Whatever. They had lotions and such on the counter too... very high class. :-)

Hanson was AWESOME! We decided to back away from the stage from this set (even though we probably could have gotten pretty close) just because it was easier to see the stage and such if you were back further and there was more room to dance around. :-) I don't even know what to write about the actual concert because it was so wicked cool.... their energy on stage is amazing! And they played 2 hours straight without stopping once! (Okay, so they got a break during Mmmbop when the audience was doing all the singing...) Totally awesome. I have a whole new respect for these guys. Especially Ike. Man, that dude can play the guitar like nobody's business!!!! Very rockin' The bassist and the guitarist that play with them were also very talented. The guitarist's treble was messed up and the sound people never fixed it the whole way, so that was annoying, but I was able to ignore it most of the time. They were all completely amazing!!!!! and *yea*!!!!!!!!

After the concert was over, we drove back after getting gas. Yes, I got gas outside of Atlantic City after dark. We didn't get raped, murdered, or price gouged so get over it. :-P I think we got out of the Showboat around 12:30-1 and were home around 1:45-2pm. We were only back for about 10 minutes and the crazy NJers were back from their bar hopping. We got to see Corey & Jess's costumes (an electrical socket and a plug. guess who was who). Corey is hilarious. They were definitely having a good time. And anytime I have the opportunity of seeing Corey with a lampshade on his head, I'm going to use it to take a picture. Liz got one though. I can't wait to see that developed. :-D

We said our goodbyes that evening before going to bed. I called Mike from the backyard before crashing to sleep. Lucky for me or I would have forgotten to set my watch back. Extra hour of sleep! Woo! Er, maybe an extra hour of being awake. Either way. Finally got to bed around 2:30/3:30 (depending which clock you were looking at). I was up in the morning at 7:30 and getting the car packed and such. We stopped at Bageleddie's for breakfast on the way home (and for getting Bagels for Mom and Dad). Good stuff. Drove to Kutztown, and dropped Liz off and such. Then we drove to my house. Ended up having almost 2 hours to kill before having to take Heather back to the train station so we had brunch with the family and filled them in with some of the details of the weekend.

Took Heather to the train station and went the non-ghetto way which worked just as nicely. I waited with her for the train. The station is kind of spooky when it's empty. It looks like a train station from the movies... still has that old-fashion look/feel to it. Could be rustic and antique looking if it didn't look so worn. OH well. Highlights from the train station involved us trying to figure out at which "gate" Heather's train would arrive and Heather bleching rather loudly and then a cute guy giving her a weird look. Yes, strange highlights.

I hope all of you enjoyed this strange and rambly recap. If you were there, please feel free to comment and fill in any gaps. :-D
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