Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

LDHS Jazz Band and Maynard Ferguson

Nov 14th. 2005
Well, wow.
An amazing show.
To start off, it was really awesome to see "the kids" performing as the opening act for Maynard. Also, it was just perfectly crazy that they were under the direction of Jon "Pinky" Pinkerton. I might have mentioned this before but Mr. Pinkerton is the LDHS band director. He also did two musicals with me (Oliver! and Meet Me In Saint Louis) and his band (Brown Derby Junction) played at my 16th birthday party. Seeing this former teenage-heart throb directing is just a different kind of experience. You could really tell that the kids respect him and that they are learning a lot from him. They played three pieces:
Orange Colored Sky
After You've Gone
Brass Machine

The last one was definitely my favourite (although the vocalist on the first was wonderful). There were 5 soloists and they all did a rockin' job. They got the crowd hoppin' and boppin'.

After the Jazz Band's set, the Maynard Ferguson Quintet played a few numbers. I couldn't understand everything the lead guy was saying when he was announcing the songs, so I didn't get the titles, but they played about 3 numbers. A-Maz-ing. We were introduced to the pianist and the drummer of the group and a few of the brass players. Whew. It was definitely a bit of foreshadowing... you could tell they were holding back on the energy and it just made everyone really excited for the final set.

I got to talk to Mrs. Singer, my senior year AP Lit teacher. She retired the year after I graduated and is now in real estate. She specializes in first-time buyers and I've got her card. I told her about my job, etc, and both her and her husband were excited for me.
Then I went and caught up with Barb (Shells music director). I'm going to sing The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns on Nov 27th for the first Advent service. Also the same Sunday that our family is scheduled to do all the readings and light the wreathe. It's Germann Sunday! :-D
I talked with Mrs. Claar (piano teacher) for a while as well. Her son did one of the solos with the jazz band and apparently she didn't even know he had one until he stood up. :-P Parents are always the last to know. We caught up and I told her about my job, etc and that I'm going to be in the area for a while. Maybe I'll start taking lessons again. That would be really nice.
*yea* for talking to people.

I really just don't know how to describe how phenomenal it was. The sound that Mr. Ferguson makes come out of a trumpet can only be described as pure joy in music form. There are no words. It was just fabulous. In fact, the whole band was amazing.
The really cool thing was how each soloist shook Maynard's hand before and after their solo. There was so much energy and respect on that stage. I don't know what else to say. Here's a bit about the different musicians that caught my ear:

Pianist: Truly wonderful. I never saw anyone tickle the ivories quite like that before. He had pizzazz and grace. It was beautiful.

Drummer: WHOA. Just whoa. Like, totally, omg. Seriously. Okay, so he was playing a different rhythm with each hand... and with both feet! 4 rhythms = 4 appendages. Holy Cow Bones. Damn. OH, he also had more cymbals in a drum set than I've ever seen. Probably.. um... 8+? Yeah. And he had them set so he could play the cymbals with the cymbals. During his 5 minute drum solo, I just closed my eyes... you could hear a melody and you could hear the harmonies. I would have sworn there were other instruments and other people playing. But they definitely weren't since the other's left the stage when he got going.

Maynard: DUDE! 75+ years young and still wailin' on the trumpet, baby! His style is to play 2 octaves above where most trumpeters play. And man, he can do it with STYLE and FUNK. Just totally rockin. He didn't play for extended periods of time, and when he wasn't playing he was into the music - conducting - clapping - snapping - whatever. Just there. With the band. And they were all having a blast.

And so was the audience. :-D

Set List:

I Love You
A Frame for the Blues
The Girl from Eponema(sp?) (5 minute Drum Solo)
But Beautiful (awesome piano solo intro)
M.F. Hit Medley (including Hey Jude and the theme from Rocky)

Bird Land (!!!!!!!!)

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