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Crazy, crazy, crazy.
I don't know where to begin. I guess I'll start at the very beginning(don't you start singing!). A couple of weeks ago, Cindi and I were discussing how I kinda blended into the social-group and 'took-over' Rohde's roll in the group... (like anyone could possiblly replace Rohde... :-) ). Anyway, so I was going through some RITSMA paper work with addresses and stuff on it and stummbled across Rohde's address from when he was a freshman here. "2362 Nathaniel Rochester Hall".... know what's weird about that? My address is "2362 Nathaniel Rochester Hall". Totally freaked me out. Crazy stuff, man... Atleast, it freaked me out at the time... now it's just weird instead of being freaky... maybe 'cuz this is the third time I've told the story... hhhmmmm...
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