Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


This morning was church, and so was this afternoon.
9:15 - Congregational Meeting to vote on the budget. Lasted 15 minutes
9:35 - Rehearsal with Barb for next weekend. Went well. I'm going to sing with the organ! And, we're rehearsing on Tuesday as well.
9:50-10:30 - Putzing around. Helped with Alter Guild and the set up for the luncheon
10:30 - Service. Go figure. :-P
11:45 - Down in the social hall to stare at the 10 crock pots of yummy soup
Noon - Someone was sent to get Pastor so she could bless the soup so we could eat it.
12:02 - Bowl broke as I was carrying it to the table. Luckily, I hadn't gotten to the rug flooring yet. *phew* Everyone was then advised to a) carry their bowls with 2 hands, and b) double up on the bowls when getting the Chicken Tortellini soup. :-P
12:45 - Had eaten about 6 bowls of soup, a piece of bread, a piece of baklava, carrot cake, apple raisin walnut cake, and cinnamon pound cake. (small pieces of each or eating what Albert didn't want to finish, mostly)
1pm - Thanksgiving service. Very under-attended. As was the luncheon. :-( Stupid Ministerium.
1:45-ish. Home.
Picked up a really old fashioned pin-ball table from the neighbors on the way home.

I helped Dad drag some hoses up to the barn. That was fun. Hoses are heavy. Hopefully my wrists don't hurt in the morning. What else. Oh, I set up all my budget/financial stuff that I wanted to. I think it'll work nicely. Also, re-posted my BSC/Animorphs/Everworld books. Will advertise tomorrow. Need these GONE!
Moved my printer box into my room from the garage. Moved the box with the toaster oven into the garage. It would be really nice if I had someplace to store stuff other than my room or the garage. Arg.

Dinner was yummy. Mom needs to start naming her dishes. Albert was not helpful in this. *le sigh*

Watched Medium (taped) and Desperate Housewives while working on my cross stitch. I thought I was going to get so much more of that done this weekend, but no. I did finish the house scene and Santa's beard (Finally, omg, I pulled it out about 4 times). I'm feeling confidant. I just hope I get a lot of work done on it over Thanksgiving.

Only a 3 day work week! WooHoo! :-D
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