Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

In the last 2 days I....

ate a LOT
ate some more
ran around following a 2 year old on SPEED
listened to a 6 year old talk really fast about something I"m not sure what it was
watched a karate demonstration from a 9 year old.
ate some more
chomped on pie
tried the yams
told at least 7 people that my co-workers "are awesome"
finished over 60% of my cross stitch which you will all see very soon
watched a parade where 2 girls were almost crushed by a falling lamp part, but they were okay
danced around because it snowed even though it melted in about 5 minutes
ate lots of chocolate
didn't go on the computer
almost didn't have stuffing (story later)
enjoyed a "small gathering" of only 20 people :-P
got some books
wore a mink stole
listened to Christmas music
loved my siblings
was annoyed at my siblings
gave lots of hugs
got lots of hugs
felt old
felt young
felt full of food

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