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Great weekend!

edit: this is longer than I thought. LJ-CUT!

Was *short*. After finally getting plowed out of the driveway and getting to work after 11am, the rest of the day flew by. Brian ordered pizza for us as a "reward" for "making it" in to work. Oh, Guy is going to regret working from home when he hears. :-P I got a lot done on Friday (because Guy wasn't there?) and Jonathan and I listened to a podcast of a Coast-to-Coast AM broadcast about the "mysteries" surrounding John Lennon's death. It was interesting, but, well, bizarre.

When I got home we had steak and baked potatoes for dinner. Mom did the dishes for me and Karin and I worked on our crossword puzzle. We are never going to catch up - the NY Times puzzles are just too insane. I think we caught up to Friday's but since we are still working on the same one today... well, yeah.

I did some random tidying in my room until Numbers was on. I really like that show. Stayed up late doing random stuff online. I think. Don't remember what.

Got a *lot* of stuff done! I switched out the all-year glasses and mugs and replaced them with the Christmas glasses and mugs. Some how even though I did even switches they didn't fit into the box. Mom fixed the problem. Then I decorated the front room which is just my favourite room to decorate. It is the room that has the highest concentration of antique decorations and I just love the look of it. I mixed things around this year and I plan on putting my cresh on the table next to the piano. We also procured a new decoration. I'll attempt to describe it. It's from the '50s and it is made of plastic (early plastic.. however early it can get) that has bubbles and impurities inside of it. There are 2 pieces, and when interlocked they form an "icicle tree" that has grooves for hanging small, round, glass ornaments on. The glass ornaments that we have are from the same time period. All stuff that was my Dad's father's mothers. Pretty cool stuff that we found in Martin's house. It also stands about a foot and a 1/4 high. We have 2 others that are a "newer" style and are about half the height so it looks really neat to have all 3 on the mantel.

I got my wrapping done (of the stuff that has arrived thus far). I also did some more shopping online (6 days of shopping left 'til you have to pay for shipping on amazon for things to arrive before Christmas!!). And I worked some more on my Christmas cards.

Saturday evening: Cladell's Christmas party! Chuck and Nancy just live around the corner (literally, not in the typical rural-sense). Every year they have an up-scale pot-luck dinner (we brought a Caesar Salad this year) and a carol sing. It is SOOO much fun. We had a great time as usual this year. I hadn't been since high school and I think I had a better time as an "adult" than I used to when the "kids" used to disappear to the attic and play with the old-fashioned games they had. We actually procured an home-made pin-ball type game that they used to have in the attic (more of a loft really).. Dad and Albert are going to attempt to fix it up next year. It's a pretty cool piece. At the end of the night we spent a good hour or so talking to our FRIGGEN NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS who we never see unless we go to the Cladell's Christmas party. What a bunch of dorks are we. But to our credit, they do live in Florida half the year. All in all, an awesome evening.

When I got home, I had a text message from Adam that said: "*yay* a cappella" woo.

Church in the morning. I skipped Sunday school hour because my bed was nice and warm. :-P This is becoming more and more a reason for me to skip things. :-P

Church was nice as usual. I *heart* Advent.

When we got home, Albert sprung into action making us a lovely brunch of cinnamon french toast and sausages. Everything was delicious and cooked the whole way through. :-P

After Albert and I finished cleaning up the kitchen from brunch, we got ready to got out and PLAY IN THE SNOW. It really hadn't melted at all since Friday, and Albert was anxious to "show me" how to sled. I think he forgets I was a kid not that long ago. :-P I think we spent about 2 hours outside total. We spent a lot of time sledding down various hills (and in the neighbor's yard) and perfecting techniques. The *best* way was for me to lay down on the sled face-first on my stomach and then Albert would lay on top of me while I held the sled in place. Then I'd let go and he's steer. I swear we were going 20 mph. But that could be because my nose was no more than 3 inches off the ground. Totally wicked. My glasses kept getting all full of snow. :-) We also had some snow fights (me armed with a sled full of snow... weeee snowing again!) and we worked on the fort that Albert made on Friday. No luck on trying to make a snow man. It was just too dry.

Then we came in and had hot chocolate with marshmallows. yum! I remembered that I can throw a marshmallow in the air and catch it in my mouth. Not a marketable talent, but definitely had Albert trying with most of his attempts landing on the floor. :-P

I talked to Mike for a while and then I set out worked on my Christmas cards again while Albert worked on some homework. He had to find a picture of a bear. Somehow, I remember 7th grade being harder than that. :-P Although, there were no google image searches when I was in 7th grade. Heck, we didn't even have the computer 'til '97.

I gathered a bunch of info and wrote another letter to the credit card people. Hopefully they will believe that I am me and will send me a GD credit card! For goodness sakes, this is way more work than it should be. :-P Albert chatted with Mike (about me?) for a long time on AIM. I am now paranoid that I am being plotted against. :-P

We had roast beef and potatoes for dinner (a theme?) and Albert actually *asked* if I would make him a salad - and woopie - he loved it! Who knew? :-P Silly kid. After we cleaned up from dinner, I set up the VCR to tape the Inside the Actor's Studio thing on Bravo of the Producers cast and Albert picked out a game for us to play. After realizing that the Harry Potter board games we have (SS and Quidditch) take waaaay too much time and energy to set up, he settled on Chess. He's only been playing for about 2 weeks, but he's getting pretty good. We worked on strategy and I was trying not to just kick his butt. I gave him a couple of chances to take-back some of his turns, but I wasn't planning on *letting* him win or anything. But my goodness got away from me and he pinned me down in the end. D'oh. Albert 1, Catherine 0. I think we are going to have to make this a weekly thing.

No desperate housewives 'til January. Boohoo. That is all.
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