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Other minor news and The Plan

Also, I put my new windshield wipers in and they work like a charm. If anyone needs wipers installed, I'm your girl.

Tomorrow night we are going to see Manheim Steamroller as a Christmas present from Dad. :-) The seats are nose-bleed and we aren't sure if we are going to be able to hoist Karin up the steps(just kidding! really!), but it should be awesome anyway. It will be good to compare to TSO. Maybe I'll actually get around to posting about it this time. :-P

Friday Mike is supposed to be coming down. Everyone pray that the snow isn't too bad. :-( Or we are going to be in trouble come...

Saturday is moving day. It also means I get out of helping Guy lay flooring in his new attic. Still not sure which would be better to do. :-P I'm really hoping that a) it doesn't take us all day to load/unload Karin's stuff from the truck. Should be one trip total. and b) we aren't so totally wiped that Mike and I can't enjoy Saturday night.

Sunday is church and Mike has to head home.

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