Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Look at that! Time!

I have the time to write, so I'll start with Kalidscope(I'm glad it's over, 'cuz I can't spell it.). K11 went very well... better than expected(atleast by myself). We had about 100-150 people in Ingle. The auditorium looked full. Which was good enough for us. :-) The reception afterwards was good, too. Would have been nice to have a few more pizzas... luckily not much of the audiance stayed(Note to self: Next year, get Fireside... hhhmmm... I think *someone* said we should do that this year.....).
I don't know how Sounds Of Pleasure faired or where they stayed, maybe I'll find out at the RIT ACE function next week(Tuesday concert!... I have to get out of work....).

So that was my Friday evening... oh, yeah... I was out from 10am-11:30ish pm. :-O Dang, I'm dedicated. :-)
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