Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

The Wildlife-On-The-Front-Walk Story

I feel like I need to write about this before I write about the weekend.

On Tuesday, as I was going down the front walk in the morning, I noticed what looked like it could have been a pile of leaves about half way down the walk. I miss-judged my steps and ended up stepping on top of it. It didn't feel like stepping in leaves, so I quick looked at it and thought, "ew, must have been something Ozzie dragged in. ew, ew, ew." It was frozen, though, so I didn't have to go change my shoes or anything and I was already in a hurry, so I didn't really examine it.

Tuesday evening Karin and I talked about it (since we are the only adults in the house that use the front walk) and decided that we weren't sure what it was and that we'd take a closer look at it the next day. Wednesday, we forgot. :-P Thursday morning, I looked at it (it had been moved up the walk closer to the house) more closely. I had thought it was a mouse, but that didn't make sense since Ozzie doesn't like to walk in the snow, let alone go hunting in the snow. :-P Then I realized it had wing-like things, so I thought it could be a bird. But there were no feathers or anything. So, I came to the conclusion that it must be a bat. Poor thing mustn't have gotten a chance to hibernate or fly south or whatever bats do and froze to death. :-(

Thursday night it snowed and the bat was covered up. When I shoveled the walk on Friday, I managed to get the bat off of the side walk and took him to the front part of the yard and burried him under a tree in the snow. I even said a few words.

RIP Mr. Bat.
Tags: wildlife
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