Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

The Weekend, part I

I decided on Thursday night that I would work from home in the morning if the schools had any 2 hour delays. When my alarm went off Friday morning, the first thing that came on the radio before I could even hit the snooze button was the traffic report. 4 accidents on the roads I would take to work. Uh-uh. And there was a 2 hour delay. So I went back to sleep 'til about 8:30 and then did 4 hours of work from home.

Mike called about 10:30 to say he was going to leave soon. Then he called at about 11:30 to say he was getting on the highway. *yea* for phone calls from my boyfriend. I could just get used to this. :-)

I shoveled the front walk, buried Mr. Bat, fed Ozzie, and had some lunch.

Dad arrived home with Liz sometime after lunch and I was attacked by the sister. You'd think we hadn't seen her in 5 years. :-P

I helped mom around the kitchen and started getting dinner prepared (stuffed cabbage).

Mike arrived around 3:30 and proceeded to lock his keys in his car. D'oh. After attempting the hanger-in-the-door trick, we called AAA (4:30-ish). Then we drove around and looked at motels before it got dark. It seems like Mountain View might be the one at this point. It's *really* nice (much nicer than I expected) and although it's a bit more $$ than I had thought it would be, it would be well worth for the time being. Very clean and the owner is extremely hospitable and friendly. It was the only place you could describe as any of those things, and it was the one that Mike had a good feeling about from the start, so I see that as a good sign.

We got back and a short time later the AAA guy showed up and had Mike's car open within about, oh, 10 minutes? Very impressive. Albert and Liz were extremely fascinated, so the guy definitely had an audience with Albert, Liz, Dad, Mike, and I all standing around watching him. It was pretty dark out, so Albert ended up helping out by getting a flashlight and holding it just so while the guy hit the button. :-) *yea* for keys!

Dinner was very yummy. It was the last dinner with Karin, the first dinner with Liz home, and the only dinner that I can remember where we tried to cram 7 people around the kitchen table. :-P Mom made bread to go with the stuffed cabbage and it was all very yummy.

After dinner was cleared away, Liz showed us her drawings, sketches, and portfolio stuff from school. Awesome stuff! I should take pictures and post them. Really awesome stuff. It's always nice when your resident artist doesn't mind explaining stuff, either. :-P

After Mike and I managed to wrangle the TV in the basement we decided to watch Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (hadn't actually gotten around to watching the *movie* on my DVD yet). *yea* for movies. Mike was sleeping on the couch in the basement anyway, so we had a good reason to monopolize the basement. :-)
We went to bed rather early since we were going to have to get up at 7-or-so in the morning. be continued...
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