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The Weekend, part zwei

Got up early. Yes, early. Earlier than I get up for work. Got dressed, woke Mike up, and got things together for the day. Breakfast = cereal and OJ. Mike and I were the last to leave the house after I fed Ozzie and retrieved some random things that had been forgotten. I had to turn around about 2 minutes after we left because I forgot my purse. Then, about 5 minutes from the house, Dad called, had me turn around to get a shovel and as I was done turning around, decided that they actually didn't need it. *sigh* Already. :-P

On the way to the storage center, Mike and I listened to Rent. *yea* Rent! I haven't seen the movie or the musical, but I've heard some of the music before (not in order) and remember some things from the paper that Lindsay wrote in High School. Mike went through the plot between songs. It was very pleasant. :-)

The drive of the storage center is gravel, and thus very difficult to plow. So, on Saturday what would normally be gravel and rocks was a solid sheet of ice. Weeee! There were lots of close-calls and Albert fell at least once (but he was fooling around). It took us from about 9 to 11am to empty the storage unit into my car, Mom's mini-van, Karin's mini-van, and the rental truck. About what I thought. We put some drop cloths down to prevent some of the slippage and it really wasn't as bad as it could have been. Albert had fun hacking at the ice with a shovel. We all had fun dancing around and singing to the Christmas music on the radio while we were in between instructions, too. :-) Karin left ahead of us so the apartment would be sure to be open when we got there. Plus the guy from Comcast was supposed to come between 10:30 and 12:30 so she wanted to be there if/when he showed up. When the storage unit was completely empty, I followed Mom and Dad followed me to Karin's apartment in Mechanicsburg. Being on the West Shore (of the Susquehanna River) gets me all messed up. I think I've only been in that area a total of 10 times in my life, 2 of which being interviews in the last 6 months. Silly. I should be getting over there more often now that Karin is living there. Mike and I listened to the rest of Rent on the way.

When we got there, we went in and checked it out. It looked so big and spacious! And the windows are big and let in a lot of light... very nice set up. We unloaded my car first, then Mom's, and then it was time for the rental truck. This of course became a big production as the parking lot was not very large (and had cars in it that the owner's probably didn't want to be smashed), Dad needed to back into the parking lot (from the front of the building to the back), and there are always communication problems with Dad driving and Mom (and/or anyone else) trying to tell him what to do. Now, don't get me wrong, Dad is an AWESOME driver when it comes to driving huge vehicles (probably was a truck driver or something in a past life), but it is rather nerve-wracking to watch, so I went inside with Karin to check things out. Eventually, they did get the truck maneuvered so the ramp off the back went directly in the doorway (over the steps and the threshold -- very impressive). This also turned out to be very convenient.

tired. more later.
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