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The Saturday of Concessions....

Saturday morning(10am) we had an E-board meeting for RITSMA... All the new E-board and Dave. Went well... we talked about tons of old and new stuff in the span of about an hour and a half. I was very proud of us.
Then I went with Heather to the Signatures "meeting" to help put CDs in the back of the mags. Very strange people... well, the whole thing was bizzarre... they were more focused on getting pizza and a movie than finishing the work. :-P I helped out for about an hour and a half and finished 2 1/2 boxes of mags... I don't know how many that is. The one guy was kinda cute, though... :-)
I had to leave at 2:30 'cuz I had to be at NTID at 3 to help with concessions for the Players we were done with that at about 3:45. Then I hung out in my room for a few minutes and headed out back to the NRH "block party".. there wasn't anyone that I knew there so I hung out for a bit.. walked around in the mud(got it on my pants.. :-( ) then got some food. FREE food, I might add... well, I donated $4 of my debit a few weeks ago, but that was a while ago and I already forgot about it. :-P They had grills and stuff... food was great. I realized that I'm more friends with some of the RA's than with any of the people in my building. It makes me feel old. I makes me feel like I've already been here for 3 years instead of 3 quarters... dang those upper-classmen friends! hehehe... j/k, guys. :-) (Love ya'll!!! )

THEN! I hopped in the shower with my clothes on to get all the mud off of my feet(and out of my sandles) and then I had to get ready to go to clubspace to start dragging stuff over to Webb. We had Paul's car which was really full, so we had to carry the green bins across the Q-mile... but it wasn't so bad. We set up and all.. my first(and Last?) 12CC in Webb.... I helped set up and at 8pm I headed back over to NTID to help the Players out again, WE SOLD OUT OF EVERYTHING. $|-|\/\/337. Hehe.. then back over to Webb with me... they hadn't even gotten to intermission yet. :-O Insane. I couldn't stand the music that they had(well, the stuff that I was there for)... uhg... I like almost all</> music. 'Cept that. Yuck.. folk-country is what Paul called it, but I call it........ something else.. that shoudn't be said here. Cleaning up was much easier 'cuz we had a hand truck(courtisy of 12CC people).. and Theresa's car. :-)
I was exhausted.


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May. 6th, 2002 04:25 am (UTC)
I don't know if you really care, but...
...2 1/2 boxes = 200 magazines.
and thanks for helping out the dunces. 8-Þ
Thursday is the release party @ java wally's @ 8pm, though I think ya have class... can tell it's late in the quarter, I'm starting to know other people's schedules... but if ya wanna stop by afterwards -- free food... Oh yeah, and hopefully some magazines will be there too. 8-Þ
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