Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

The Weekend, Part 3

Saturday, part 2:
So, Dad managed to get the truck at an awesome angle so the ramp was on the threshold and nothing got broken or smashed in the process. Woot.

We just started getting everything out that we could. All the boxes and such were labeled, and Karin directed us as to which things should go in which room. Then came time for the chair. This is a puffy-type chair that matches Karin's couch. The doorways are only 29". The chair is, well, bigger than that. Liz, Dad, and Mike tried many different angles of getting it through the inside doorway (the set up is outside door->hallway->inside door->hallway->apartment door) to no success. It looked like it *should* work, but no luck. They would have needed another inch or so. Blah. They put it back in the truck, after it was un-wedged from the doorway. Albert handed out cheese and crackers that we had brought with us. Yummy snack. He also unpacked Karin's butcher block and put all the knives in. He was just about as happy with those knives as Daniel was with his. Kinda scary.

"Why is Albert alone in the kitchen with knives?" - Mike.

The cable guy decided to show up at 12:45 (15 minutes outside the time frame he said he'd be there... pretty good, I guess). He started installing a digital cable box and Karin had to explain to him that she didn't order that and she didn't want it. Apparently the person Karin ordered from on the phone decided she needed it anyway after Karin specifically told *her* that she didn't want it. Oye-vey. I lost count of how many times she said "Basic and Standard. That's all I want." Stupid Comcast. On the plus side, even though the guy was kind of a moron, he did give her an extender cable because the one in the bedroom was kind of short. (Although, this didn't make sense to me... don't you usually get your own cables? *shrug*) We were happy when he finished and left. He was pretty creepy.

By about 2pm, we got the rest of the furniture less the chair and the couch in the apartment. Karin called out for pizza (had to borrow a phone book from a neighbor) and we devoured all but two slices of 4 Dominos pizzas. Yummy-o.

After we finished eatting, it was time to try the Sofa, so while Dad, Mike, and Liz did that, I unwrapped and set up the lamps. I also set up the TVs/VCRs and programmed the channels into them (*yea* auto-detect!) and the times. Albert helped Karin unpack her kitchen stuff and they had a good time deciding where things should and what shelves and such. She's got a pretty nice kitchen - even a dishwasher! - something she didn't have before. The furniture-moving-peeps got the sofa in - I knew they would! The power of positive thinking struck again. So then it was time for a second try on the chair. First we moved some of the other furniture around, though, so we'd have a place for it. :-P This time, they took the plastic protective wrapping off of it which allowed them to smoosh it like crazy and basically just squash it right through! Brilliant! Karin was soooo happy to have all of her furniture in the apartment! :-)

We had a lot of trash and stuff to take out to the dumpster, so that got done, Mike and I set up Karin's computer-things as much as we could since the actual tower was still at our house (whoops). We also got anything done that Karin thought she couldn't do by herself before we left. Karin was going to stay the night at our house again, so she left with us. I followed Mom out since I didn't know how to get back to the high way, but once on 83, I was set.

I took Mike by work and then we went home the back way. Unfortunately, it was pretty dark so we couldn't see the sheep or the llamas. :-( I think it was around 5 when we got home, and although we were pretty much beat, we decided to go out for the night so we could have some time for ourselves. We checked the movie times and there were a few that worked nicely, but we ultimately decided on Narnia. King Kong is 3+ hours long! I think we would have been wayy too tired by the time that was over, and it was the one that started the latest.

We went to Hong Kong Ruby (of "me choking on beef lodged in my throat" fame)for chinese before the movie. It is nice there since the restaurant and the movie theater are in the same section of the shopping center and thus, I just parked the car in a centeral location, which worked nicely. The food, as usual, was wonderful. I really like that place (when I'm not choking).

I used the gift card that I won at the Peak Solutions party for the movie and I've still got about half the balance left over. We were so stuffed from dinner we skipped right over the concessions.

Now, I would just like to state that I have yet to read the Narina books. Mike has read the first one, but it was in 3rd grade or something, so we were pretty much coming into the movie with not too many expectations. I thought it was very awesome. Special effects were amazing and so was the cast! I really enjoyed it. I had kinda wished I hadn't read that article about Christian allegories, though. I was sort of distracted by that most of the time. So, yeah, great movie.

When we got home, we passed out on the couch in the basement and talked for a while before I finally decided to hall my butt upstairs to bed.

I'm going to repost these later as public.
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