Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

The Weekend, Part 4

Wait! There's more!

Albert had confirmation class and he was alcolyte as well. We had cereal for breakfast, mom threw an Egg Puff together for brunch and we all took Mom's car to church. There were trees up in the sanctuary! *yea* It looked so cool. Of course, this created some problems during the service, but Albert did not set either tree on fire, so all was well. :-)

The service was rather screwy-er than usual as we have been using the servie that is in the "new" hymnal which screws everyone up. Also, Pam (church secretary) messed up the bullitens so we were extra confused. *sigh*

We put the egg puff in the oven when we got home. Mike and I snuck away and exchanged our gifts in the living room. I gave him some QC merch and he gave me 3 pairs really pretty earrings which I have been wearing all week. :-) They came in little red-velvety boxes, too. *yea* for pretty!

Mike gave Albert a new memory card for his Play Station, so they got sucked into doing that for a while. I helped Karin pack the rest of her stuff into her car and I did some getting ready for brunchies. Karin left before we ate, so we all said our good-byes (for now... mwahahahaha).

Brunch was awesome-ly delicious. Yet again proving, that if you change one element of the Egg Puff recipe, you will not mess it up. Although, I think it would be weird if you forgot the bread. :-P

After brunch was cleared, Mike cajoled me into watching the newest edition to the Clone Wars DVDs with him. I actually followed the storyline this time! Go me! And go The Clone Wars Dudes for writing it better!

Then we gathered Mike's stuff from all around the house and loaded up his car. We said our long goodbyes, and I think he left by 3:30-ish. *sniff*

The rest of the day for me was spent mixing cookie dough, cleaning up my room, and surfing the internet.
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