Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Christmas/New Years Eve

So we had Christmas morning, Christmas Dinner, and our New Years Eve pig-out-fest all in one day.

Christmas morning was fun. Santa brought us socks, chap stick, candy and dish-washing scrubbers. He also brought this nifty ottoman/hassock/footstool that turns into a table. It rolls to and it is leather! Santa's letter made me cry... He wrote about how he's been visiting our house every year for the last 22 years and how first I left cookies out for him, and then Liz and now Albert. He even wrote about how Albert left him a beer last year and that made him chuckle. Then he said that he doesn't think we can hear the bells anymore (Polar Bear Express reference) and that this would be his last year visiting us for a while. It was really beautifully written. I will miss Santa. :-/

Then we all pitched in and helped make Christmas Dinner (Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Dinner Rolls, Spinach, and Gravy) while watching our 'Twas The Night Before Christmas video (holy cow, it's from '74... can't wait to tell everyone). Dad didn't remember it and we had a good time singing along to the songs. Dinner was ab-fab and wonderful as usual. A lovely White Zinfandel went very nicely with the meal as well and we got to use our new serving dishes and drinking glasses! *yea*

Present giving was low key. Albert used about 20 pounds of tape on each present he wrapped. It was completely hilarious. OH, man, I think you had to see it to believe it. Everyone enjoyed the gifts I gave them which was nice. Dad was annoyed that I got Mom a subscription to Games magazine ("Now she won't do anything else and she won't even look at me when I come downstairs" :-P). I think he'll get over it. Albert gave me a trip to the movies which hopefully we will be using on Monday (or maybe tomorrow/today-ish). Haven't decided what to see yet. OH, but you should see how he presented the gift... maybe I'll take a picture of it. again, hilarious. Liz *finally* finished making me the scarf she said she'd give me. It is very pretty and extremely soft. Sucks that it never gets cold enough here for scarves. :-P

Oh, yeah, it SNOWED LIKE CRAZY. We went outside to check out the snowflakes on a piece of black paper (you catch them and then you can examine them before they melt) but it was like big snow balls falling from the sky! I never saw anything like it before. It was extremely warm, though (37-39-ish) so that could have contributed.

I got a bunch of cross-stitch/embroidery books(3? more?), a book about how to become a millionaire by age 45 (sweeeet!), a renewal of my AAA membership, another year of cell phone service (on TOP of the year I got for my birthday so I should be extended until May 2007.... must make note of this), more socks, and PEEEEEPS. Albert and I are having peep wars tomorrow. His are trees and mine are snowmen that look like gingerbread cookies or something. Kinda scary. I poked holes in my package immediately so that they could start getting stale. :-P

Albert got 2 Lightsabers (green that lights up/makes noise and a blue one that does nothing) so he was pretty excited about that. I also got him 3 playstation games, but since his is ga-broken, he was not so excited about that. (Adam: I think we are going to take you up on your offer. If you want to just put it in the mail and then let me know total cost I'll pay-pal you. please include shipping confirmation or whatever it's called just-in-case)

What else. Oh, yes. So we were just chilling out or whatever for a while. We usually watch a movie or something during the evening, but we managed to coerce Dad into playing a game with us.... Scattegories! When I pointed out how competitive it could be and how you could sabotage people and such he was totally in. :-P

We played 2 games (6 rounds total) while eating fun snack foods (chips, dip, salsa, crab dip, crackers, cheese, and assorted things wrapped in pastries from Costco). Dad kicked everyone's butts in the first game and the second one Mom pulled WAAAY ahead and won. Albert did much better the second time around. We also modified the rules - 5 minutes to think about answers and I timed it on my watch. None of us could think straight with that horrid timer ticking away and although we don't know how long the timer actually was, 5 minutes worked better. We also let Albert have a minute or so after everyone else had finished to let him think a bit more and write. It definitely made it more even. It was really interesting to see who thought of the same things (Dad and I both wrote "botchi ball" for a sport that started with B) and what random/dirty things people would write even though they knew they had to say them (Liz wrote "bullshit" for 'things you yell' and everyone started giggling like crazy when we had 'body part' that started with "B"). It was all good and fun. :-)

A bit before midnight we were finished (like 10 minutes -- cutting it close!) and Dad popped the bubbly (kids and adults flavours. ;-D )... we just flipped around 'til something was falling. Albert was popping these exploding-streamer things and we went outside and blew the bugles after much drinking and hugging and yelling... *Yea* for tradition. :-)

Anyway, I am still awake and enjoying neopets. :-P And I suppose I'll go to sleep soon.

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