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New Years Day run-down

I tried to sleep in this morning, but it didn't work. I was awake by 8:30 and I could only manage to half-sleep until about 9:30 when I gave up and showered.

The day was mostly spent chatting, eating (only one actual "meal", though), and playing games again. I also got to do some work on my new cross stitch project. It's on 14 count instead of 22 count (that's squares(?) per inch) - much larger! But it is actually smaller inch-wise so it will not take me that long. Here's hoping that I get back to my chicky and finish it before March (it would be good since I finished it LAST March). I also made my first Origami-a-day: a penguin! It is cute, but definitely abstract. :-P

Liz, Albert, and Mom all slept until around 11am... very crazy.

Albert, Liz and I played Passport (interactive game with a board and a hand-held talking computer) and then we ended up goofing around playing Mad Gab for a while.

Dinner was the traditional Pork and Sauerkraut. (Adam - you called just as we were sitting down - sorry I didn't answer) Neither are my favourites, but I can barely stomach Sauerkraut. I decided to get on Dad's good side by taking 2 forkfuls and making sure he watched me eat both of them (he has to see us eat it or else). So then, I decided to take "seconds". Then Liz one-uped me. And then I managed a "thirds".. but that was all I could handle. I was almost out of milk. :-P

After dinner we wrangled Dad into playing more Scatagories! *YEA* It is turning into our favourite family game. :-) We also played a game of Jenga - which didn't last long since our Kitchen table is highly unstable to begin with. I did manage to get a tower up to 30 rows by myself, though. Very proud of me. :-)

And now it is now and I am done.

*yea* and Happy New Year to Everyone!



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