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I am back to using my old ergo chair. Mostly because the chair I was using now needs gluing since I do not sit on chairs correctly. This chair is much better for not sitting on correctly. I should make a chair that would be good for me.

Also, I finished reading "The Automatic Millionaire." Everyone in the world should read at least one book by David Buch before they are 25. Or after they are 25. Just read one of his books. Or even just check out his website. Anyone can be a millionaire! And it's not even a bunch of hooey. :-P

I'm having lunch with Mom and Liz tomorrow. This of course means I will be working until approximately 6:30pm. Yikes!

I also have to get gas tomorrow. Apparently prices around here jumped again. Oh, the pain. At least that is really the only thing I buy on a regular basis.

What else. Oh, yeah, I am going to get offline now and work on my cross stitch.
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