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The weekend!

I suppose I could let ya'll in on what I did this weekend... It was rather busy. Friday night... I had a hot date. And no, I'm not tell you anything else. Saturday, we went to Fredonia to watch RIT's Tigers play SUNY Fredonia's Blue Devils. Even though we only missed the first 5 minutes or so of the game, we still missed the first RIT goal! Got Tigers! Yea! The game went into sudden-death over time after we tied 4-4. Again, RIT scored first! So, the final score was RIT, 5-4. Very exciting... And then we went out to McDonald's afterwards... I got one of those fancy-shmancy parfaits(they have layers, just like onions....). I highly recommend them. And don't super-super size your drink, 'cuz it WILL NOT fit into your cup holders. And then you will have to get someone to rinse out their cup so you can use it... and your RootBeer will taste mildly like orange. But that's another story, for another time...Today,(Sunday, right?) I read the lessons and the psalm for Pastor Jeff... I wasn't as shaky as I was the first time... Strange really, I don't get nervous in front of a big audience, but ask me to read something in front of 20 people, and my legs turn to Jell-O. Then there was RITSMA volley-ball... that was fun... I haven't done any actual organized sports since High School.... I hope we continue to get better. And my last planned activity is the RITPlayers e-board meeting which is being held one floor above my head in about forty-five minutes... I hope I can get there in time...
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