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Things I did this evening... (well, yesterday evening)

... spent 15 minutes on the phone answering survey questions about RIT
... had pizza for dinner.  The 4 of us, 2 pizzas, only 2 slices left.  Yeah, we are pigs. :-P
... found midi files of Rent music.  Imported them in cakewalk.  Found the sheet music view. Printed (which took forever because our house and set up is dumb).  Worked on the bass line for La Vie Boheme.  *yea*
... took out my guitar. tuned it. picked a few notes. put it back.
... made hotel reservations for NOAC!  *yea*
... decided to participate in a Mystery Stitch-A-Long over on cross_stitch
... worked out the best way (imo) to get to the three craft stores (Jo-Ann, Michael's, and A.C. Moore) in one trip.  They are all having sales on framing/matting/DMC stuff!  Sweetness.
... did many happy dances.  I think this will be the only weekend that I will be very glad when it is over and Monday is here.
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