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Long Saturday...

Today was a whirlwind! After sleeping in until about 9, I dressed and checked various Internet sites (managed to sign on AIM and chat a bit as well).

By about 10:30 Albert and I managed to get out the door and get SHOPPING! We went to A.C. Moore (bought DMC Floss, various on-sale things), Costco (ate samples and Albert bought me lunch, and then I bought him dessert - total cost: $4.80), Weis(food store - graham crackers and candy), Michael's (more DMC, random sale items, matting and framing), Office Max (512 USB flash stick, address book), and JoAnn (DMC fabric/needles, and various on-sale things).
When we got home, we started making frosting for our ginger bread houses.... unfortunately I didn't realize we would need to purchase any ingredients for said frosting, so we made a different kind that really wasn't setting fast enough for the house to stay up. We ended up using marshmallow fluff, too. Turned out nice. I took pictures, hopefully will get them posted at some point soon.
Now I'm going to organize a bunch of the stuff that I bought today and get my tax stuff together. We're having all our taxes done again this year. I think I'll be doing mine myself next year, though. It won't be so complicated. :-P Hopefully.
Now I am catching up on LJ when I should be tidying up my room and prepping for my cross-stitching session tonight. Ah, sigh. The draws of a computer. :-P
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