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Today was pretty decent.

-- Did some stuff in the morning. listed on freecycle and had some things scheduled for pickup.
-- Picked up Mike and we got him (finally) set up with a local checking account. Took 4 tries at different banks. Figured, my bank was the best and most awesome. :-D
-- Went to see King Kong at the $2 movie theatre. Ended up not having time for lunch before the movie, so we had a LARGE popcorn (with free refill) and a LARGE soda (free refills). The totally bill was $11. Including the 2 gen. admission. I like $2 movies. :-)
-- It started snowing while we were in the movies, so that knocked out the other plans for shopping and such. Headed straight home.
-- Spaghetti dinner fundraiser was postponed 'til next week, so we had chili for dinner instead. Yum! Liz was bummed, though, because that was the reason she came home!
-- I helped Liz with her homework while Mike dazzled us with his Minesweepers skills (now he holds high-scores on all 3 levels on my computer.. bah) and we listed to my Brand Spankin New copy of the Wicked soundtrack.
-- Had apple pie for dessert! Yum!
-- Watched Olympic Coverage. Speed Skating and Figure Skating - pairs. Nice stuff. *yea* Olympics!
-- Drove Mike home around 11:30. The roads could have been worse, but it wasn't too bad. We saw a major accident of some sort (only could see flashing lights and such) West of us on 22, but that meant no one behinds us on the high way!
-- I arrived home okay and just finished spending some time online. weeee!

Sleepy time! Church tomorrow and bringing Liz back to K-town with Mike. :-)


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Feb. 12th, 2006 05:58 am (UTC)
You're very iconful lately. I should get around to finishing the one I was working on for you. What did you think of Kong?
Feb. 12th, 2006 02:14 pm (UTC)
It was my second time seeing Kong, and I found it to be not as exciting the second time around. I definitely enjoyed it the first time and I was very into it, but this time, it seemed to drag. *shrug* I think it is better as a one-watch-movie.
Feb. 12th, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC)
No offense, but whyyy would you see a movie like that twice anyway? 8-p I'd fall asleep the first time around I'm sure. But then again... everyone knows about me and movie-sleep.
Feb. 12th, 2006 05:10 pm (UTC)
Well, I loved it the first time, but the second I just wasn't as into it. *shrug* We wanted something to do, and $2 for a 3+ hr movie is less than a dollar an hour! What a deal! ;-)
Feb. 12th, 2006 11:16 am (UTC)
Luckiness. I don't think I'll be able to get to church this a.m. There's currently a plow in my parking lot. He's been there about 15 minutes. There's maybe 3 inches so far... I do not know what he is doing. The parking lot isn't even that big. Blah. I'll be going back to bed when he stops.
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