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boo, boo, bee-doo

For lunch today, Mike & I went to Pizza Hut All-you-can-eat lunch buffet.... and I ate all I could. I"m not sure I'll be hungry at all for the rest of the week. :-P For real.

After work, we went to see Firewall -- which was wonderful. The local reviewer gave like 2 stars or something stupid and "couldn't figure out the title"... for goodness sakes, if you have a PC and you don't know what a firewall is, you, my dear sir, are a complete and utter moron. *sigh*
It was a great movie and very suspenseful. I would definitely recommend it. :-)

We exchanged gifts/cards as well, I got him a 4-CD set of Billy Joel music (and a ticket to the concert in March) and he got me a Bear, CHOCOLATE, and SW:III on DVD. I told him I'd let him watch the DVD at some point. :-P

I also got candy and fun-type socks from my mom... *yea*

All in all, a good day. And now that it is over I need to go to bed. g'night, y'all!
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