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Today was spent doing a lot of packing up of the kitchen. I'm going to post pictures tomorrow hopefully. Dad and Albert got about 1/3 of the brick in the family room down. It's looking pretty freaky. I'm just glad the chimney didn't collapse. ;-P I managed to move all of the food from the largest food cabinet in the kitchen into the pantry. Go me! I also packed up: glasses, mugs, beer mugs, pilsners, platters, pitchers, bowls, pie plates, and the large casserole dishes. Pretty crazy. I'm glad we have big boxes. :-)

Someone came to look at the fridge and he paid dad a deposit. He's going to come and pick it up on Monday. No biggie... the fridge in the laundry room will suffice for the next month or so. Also, a guy came to look at the cabinets -- he was effusive about their beauty.. but he's not sure if they'll fit into the project he's looking at them for. If not, he wants them for his basement. :-P

Around 3, Albert reminded us that it was Spaghetti Dinner night (Spring Musical Fundraiser event)! We had almost forgotten... it had been postponed from last week. Mom and Dad didn't feel like going, so I txt'd Mike and told him to come over around 5:30. So it was Albert, Mike and I for dinner. My 2 favourite guys. :-)

When we got to the High School... the place was absolutely deserted... and there was another person looking for the Spaghetti. We decided it either was a) cancelled or b) at the middle school. Drove to the middle school... which... was... PACKED. Saw a lot of people that we (me and/or Albert) knew and had a good time. THey did 3 pieces while we were there.
76 Trombones: a crowd pleaser. Everyone was clapping along and the chorus was parading through the tables. Good fun. :-) Andrew forgot a few lines... but everyone was routing for him and he got it eventually (3 tries-ish?)
Liza Rose (sp?): A big reminder of SS! *Yea* barbershop! They actually have the quartet in the show this year that preformed in the musical (when these men were in high school) the first 2 times they did Music Man at Lower Dauphin. (They did it 2x in a span of 4 years) It was pretty awesome and you could tell they were having a blast. They went a bit flat, but you could only tell 'cuz the piano came in at the end.
Shapoopi: Scott Dunlap reigns! He did a great job... and I love that song! It's still in my head. ;-)

The food was wonderful (all-you-can-eat) as usual, but the service was pretty bad. I blame our table location. :-P It was worse for the people that were sat at our table after us, but we managed to wrangle them a waitress. *yea*

We were so psyched for a musical, that when we got home, we ended up watching the DVD of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying from last year. Ahh.. musicals. :-) I'm so glad Mike enjoys them. :-) After that was over, Mike tried to unlock some vehicle from a game that Albert's been obsessed over.. and I fell asleep on the couch for an hour while he was doing that... and I don't think he ever got it. Silly AT-ATs. Then we talked for an hour or so (we need to learn to get to the good conversations before midnight) and then I finally woke up enough to kick him out. :-P

And now I'm showered and going to sleep! *yea* for a Saturday.


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Feb. 19th, 2006 03:47 pm (UTC)
haha. Musical night indeed. 8-p

Nice to have a fundraiser. I think that's part of the reason phs's was not as good too. First off, it was in the winter. To get it out of the way because the chorus and band have trips in the Spring. So they were dealing with Christmas break and stuff in between rehearsal schedules. Plus, as far as I know they didn't do any fundraising. The new drama guy was talking about how much money was spend on it.. I was like... "huh?!". The dude was clearly not involved five years ago. 8-p Sad, in a way, but also makes me glad I don't care all that much anymore.

Admitedly, I was slightly annoyed the didn't fully utilize the stage though. We had to work with it whilst it was under construction, and we managed more than that. Come on now... They've got it. They should use it. ::shrug::
Feb. 20th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC)
Yeah, winter shows... not such a good idea. What with the Christmas/Winter breaks in there that must have been a nightmare. :-/ Oh, well.
Feb. 19th, 2006 11:11 pm (UTC)
I wonder where the Spaghetti Dinner tradition came from? It seems to be a pretty universal type of fundraiser.
Feb. 20th, 2006 12:25 am (UTC)
Spaghetti is AMAZINGLY simple to make in large quantities ahead of time and the re-heat process is simple and no one believes that it's not made right then and there! *yea* for deceit! Also, spaghetti = cheap if you can't get it donated (which we normally do). Anyway. Yeah. Fun!
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