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Yep, yep... procrastination.

Look! Catherine's not doing work! :-P

***Have you ever...***

*... kissed your cousin? Yeah, but not in "that way", duh.
*... ran away? I used to pretend to... but not for real.
*... pictured your crush naked? Oooh, yeaahh...
*... broken someone's heart? Yes.
*... been in love? Yes, yes, yes.
*... cried when someone died? Uh-uh... a lot.
*... wanted someone you knew you couldn't have? Yes!
*... broken a bone? No, but almost!
*... drank alcohol? Yes.... in church.. :-P
*... lied? No, never!... yeessss...
*... cried in school? Yes. I hate Frank Brown.

***Do you believe in...***

*... love at first sight? Yes.
*... God? Yes.
*... kisses on the first date? Yes, oh yes.
*... monsters? Um... MONSTERS, INC.!
*... horoscopes? They're fun...
*... aliens? Um, sure, why not?
*... ghosts? Oh, I guess.
*... heaven? Yes.
*... hell? There has to be an opposite of everything. :-P
*... cheating? Believe in it? I know it happens, but it's bad. :-P

***Which is better, ...***

*Coke or Pepsi? COKE!!! COKE!!! COKE!!!
*Sprite or 7-Up? Sprite.
*Girls or guys? Better? We're the same, but different... wow. that sounds retarded.
*Flowers or candy? *shrug*.. neither lasts, so why bother?
*Scruff or clean-shaven? :-) Scruff.. *shrug*
*Quiet or loud? For what? Loud, quite is too weird somtimes.
*Pools or hot tubs? Pools.
*Blondes or brunettes? *shrug*
*Bitchy or slutty? Um..
*One pillow or two? THREE!!! :-) Unless for some strange reason, there's less room in the bed... hhmmmm....
*Pants or shorts? Pants.
*Gap, American Eagle, or Columbia? Huh? What?

***The Preferred Sex***

*What do you notice first? te-he-he.. are you sure you want to know?
*Last person you slow danced with: mmmmm... Mike! I totally forgot about that.. :-)
*Worst thing to do: uuhh.. I don't get it.
*Best place you know of to go: :-D
*Short or long hair? Short.
*Piercings or none? Doesn't matter.. just not more than 3 on their face. :-P

***The last time you...***

*... showered? geez... I don't remember.. but I'm clean right now.
*... had sex? *sigh*
*... have been to a party? I have no idea... maybe I just don't remember it ;-)
*... had a great time with the opposite sex? *sigh*

***What is...***

*... your good luck charm? Luck? I'm my own good luck charm.. good luck oozes from my skin.
*... [who is] the person you hate the most? *shrug*
*... the worst song you've ever heard? Anything that is folky-country stuff.. if a dog dies and they're getting a divorce... can't be a good song.
*... the best thing that has happened to you today? uummm... Went to the Singers concert that ROCKED.. and was spontanious and went to the Mall with Cindi. :-)


*Color: Blue.
*Movie: How could I possibly pick one?
*Book: The Giver, Lois Lowery
*Subject in School: Discrete Math.
*Online buds: uuuhh...
*Place to go when you have no where to go: If I had no where to go, how could I go somewhere?
*Cars: I've got a thing for SABB... ooh.. or a Lincoln. Um, expensive?
*Food: Cheese.
*Ice cream: Something with coffee or peanut butter in it.
*Soft drink: COKE
*Sports to watch: Ice Hockey!!!
*Holiday: Flag Day-- June 14th... mark your calendars!
*Season: Fall/Spring
*Breakfast food: Omelet
*Place to go with your honey: If I had one? Someplace ALONE... ;-P
*Place to go with your friends: Doesn't matters.. as long as we're having fun.


*... makes you laugh the most? My friends. :-) (Yes, I'm a cop-out)
*... makes you smile? Again, my friends... :-)
*... do you say "I love you" to? People that I love.
*... gives you a funny feeling when you see them? Someone that will definitely read this, a certain someone from BCS who will probably not see this, Dave from my CompCon/Discrete classes... ummm... and that guy that works at B&J that I don't know his name... :-P
*... do you have a crush on? The 2nd person meantioned in the above question.
*... has a crush on you? Oh, there's gotta be a ton, after all, I rock. ;-P
*... gives you kisses? My family... Hey, people.. I'm SINGLE!
*... do you like to kiss? *giggles*...
*... has it easier, guys or girls? I can't imagine that either would have it worse off....

***Do you ever...***

*... sit by the phone waiting for a call all night? yeah...
*... save AOL conversations? Yes!
*... save emails? uh-huh.
*... wish you were someone else? heheh.. yeah.
*... wish you were a member of the opposite sex? Not a specific member.. but yeah.
*... want to look differently? Nope. :-)
*... cried because of someone's mean words? YES! I HATE FRANK BROWN! :-P




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