Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Yoinked from Tovah... this is a great one!

Translate your last post using av babelfish from English to German, German to French, French to Italian, and Italian to English. Then post the final English translation.

Evening, from Mike and same I went yesterday to the garden olivgruenen. I have not had Hauptcraving for alimentary pastes and those are right well leggermente that they can form them in the microwaves. We had to attend approximately 30 minuteren or therefore, and then they are our maid were newly enough sure, therefore it was far away a small number, * zucken you * that it has elaborated. I have eaten a wine glass with the lunch... and they have much sausage/peppers/onions/ziti good to it corresponded well to my flour. Mike has taken my keys and it has been lead to house _ that for treasure: -) there are hurries you of return to its place, in order to make attention the star barriers and Battlestar Galactica. I have little received before the midnight the head and everyone has slept! = - Or to smooth down Lizzy. That has been strange. Mike must work today, but evening we will newly see this man of music with of Liz, the Mother, Albert and Karin. * Yea * for material! I write today Joel Billy once. Announcement perhaps also some-delle illustrations to Adam.
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