Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

just checkin' my e-mail...

well, I still get weekly e-mails from sometimes I just delete them, and other times I take a gander. Well, this week, one of them caught my eye....

Seeking Sick Flash Masters

The video and multimedia division of a prominent national marketing agency is hiring designers who are committed to changing the world. Like it or not, with Flash 8 consumers are damn near ready to experience the sensory onslaught we've prepared a decade to unleash over until now unforgiving plumbing.

If you dream in timeline and want to hit anyone who's asked the difference between motion graphics and web design, we'd like to talk. Please respect web convention and usability, and have the versatility to apply your vision to projects for anything from soap to 3G cell phones.

If you're the shiz and ready to create the new idiom of web experience, we'll provide the video chops to fuel your fire. To play, provide links to stuff you've done that'll make us say "whoa", your salary requirements and your opinion of the FWA. No links, salary or opinion and you lose. We're in the passing lane and have no patience for posers who can't follow directions.

Thanks for looking...

Probably the funniest job description ever. :-P If you feel like passing this on to someone (or applying yourself) here's the monster link:
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