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The morning of March 2nd, I had a MRI scheduled for 7am. Arg. Plus the weather. Last night I called and got transferred 5 times and double-triple checked the time/location of my appointment this morning.
So I go, and it's in this weird trailer (an MRI trailer to be exact) behind the main laboratory. No one is there. All the lights are off. So I figure, I'm a little early... I sit and wait... and wait.. and wait... take a nap... 20 minutes later, the technician shows up and says that she doesn't have appointments until 7:45 and "are you sure you're in the right place?" so she looks me up in the computer, and tells me that I was actually supposed to be at the MRI center that is next to the ER in the hospital. Arg. Only about 5 minutes down the road, though. I was fortunate to find a parking spot fairly quickly and they got me started as soon as I got there.

MRI's are weird as hell. I had a CT scan when I was in Minnesota, but that was nothing in comparison to an MRI. The machines are similar, though. (MRI & CT) But the MRI makes all kinds of crap-tastic noises! *yea*

Okay, so you want to know what it feels like? Lay on top of two washing machines that are currently in the agitator part of the cycle. Then, turn on your TV with an emergency broadcast going (that's the sound) THEN turn on another tv and set up your first-person-shooter video game, sans music, but with one huge vibrating controller hovering 2 inches from your face. Oh, also, your head is in a cage, you can't move it at all, and then... then the bed you are laying moves around just slightly. Yeah, it's kinda disorienting. It made me cry to think my mom had to do that... no wonder she threw up.

The noises and movement only last for no longer than 10 minutes each time, and was in there for about 40 minutes total... they start and stop and give you a break, too. I also had head phones on that had music to listen to (pop-type stuff, not mu-zac) and the technician could talk to me through them, too. I also had an emergency call button to push if I needed them to stop or anything (like if I had thrown up or something). There was one point where I opened my eyes (big mistake) and for a split second I thought was going to be sick, but it passed pretty quickly. I almost fell asleep a few times (how in the world...?) and my hand spasmed once, but I didn't have to start over, thank goodness. It was also nice that it was not a full body MRI and just a head and cervical cavity so I could have my ankles crossed and I could move my legs a bit if I needed to.

When I was done, I got a Marble Mocha Macchiato and a cinnamon chip scone from the starbucks in the lobby of the hospital (talk about an ideal location!!!) And I got to work around 9. Before most of my group. And the network was down. And I found out that we get our internet from Atlanta, Georgia. How random.

If you've got a lj & I have you listed as my friend, you've already read this.
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