Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Yesterday afternoon I got out of work early, and I went shopping (acompanied by Mike, who volunteered his purse-holding-services) for a suit. A real suit. I did end up getting seperates, though. I think I look smashing and Mike even helped pick out colors for the shells I got. *yea* Ab-fab. Also, I needed nylons and shoes, so we ended up going to both the malls on a Friday afternoon. Kudos to us for braving the insanity.

We went to Taco Bell (where Mike continually spoke spanish) for dinner. Yum. I think that was only the second time I'd ever eatten there. Good stuff, though.

Last night, we caught up on our tapes (Conviction: eh) and watched Dr. Who on SciFi! *yea* for Britsh humour and pretty sweet special effects (especially for the small screen)!

Also, some furniture came for the new offices! We went over and helped the mover-people unload the truck and such. Guy is holding out for some better furniture, but I think they stuck one of the long desks in where I"m going to be. I can't wait 'til we actually move over there! It will be sweetness. :-)
Tags: life, work
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