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More "social"ness

I did a bunch of errands today... or rather, I tried to do a bunch, but darn things either closing early or being closed all day on Sundays! Some things will have to wait 'til the middle of the week. D'oh. Mike pointed out that I had pretty bad luck today (3 botched errands) but I hadn't realized it. :-P

We met up after he was done with work and got italian at a little place called 2 Brother's pizza. Might be part of a chain, but mostly local, methinks. Then we killed some time browsing at Borders and then got ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery (the ice creams were more than the dinner... e.e)

We saw Inside Man which was really great. If you're the type that wants to be able to figure it out before they tell you, though, don't go see this one.. you'll hurt yourself (I did). :-P

the end.
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