Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Since ya'll are wondering...

The recital went really well! It was set up pretty strangely and Roger really wouldn't give me much info in advance. Luckily we ran into one of the other 2 people that I know that take lessons from Roger and she ran me through the procedure. Out of about 35 people I was 7th from the last. Dude. Luckily, I wasn't nervous 'til after I sang. :-P And actually, it wasn't too bad because it was a "friendly" crowd. Also Roger told everyone when to clap before we started so it was also a knowledgeable crowd! Good going, Roger! *yea* for lots of clapping. :-)

I sang "If He Really Knew Me" from They're Playing Our Song. Yes, I know you've never heard of it, but that's okay. :-P Neither had I. I really like singing things that no one has ever heard of before. This is mostly because I like learning new things and being exposed to new things, but it is also because then when you preform the piece people aren't picking it apart because they know the song backwards and forwards. :-P

I got most of it recorded with my new camcorder and my old tripod. Hopefully my USB 2.0 card will get here and I will have time to figure out how to transfer it and make a file to upload. THat would be pretty cool.

After the recital, we realized that everything closes here... even on a Friday night. Mom used her feminine wilds to make the wait staff at the Hershey Pantry seat us for dessert. :-) Then Dad flirted with the waitress to get her to create a sampler plate. :-P Silly parents. It was fun though and I had Chocolate Lava Cake which was basically a brownie that they loaded with chocolate syrup in the middle and then they heat it up so it explodes all over and ooooozes and is yummy. Oh, it was good. AND I got Mike's whipped cream, so all was well in dessert land. :-)
Tags: life, singing
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