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Car-azy day

Today was nuts.

I got up kinda late because I set my alarm, but I did not turn it on. D'oh. ONly an hour later than I wanted, though, so it was okay. I screwed around online for a while and then I had breakfast and went to the cross stitch shop. *yea* for stash-and-stuff!

On the way back I saw a huge jet and 2 helicopters from the military base here going towards it. I never found out what was going on.. but the plane was rather low and not in an area where there are any big airports.. and it was turning all weird. Hard to explain... but I hope it was nothing.

I got home and I washed my windows and packed up the stuff that I had been accumulating... more kitchen stuff! I think have 3 kitchens-full of stuff. :-P Got the closet rearranged, too and started actually cleaning my room.

Then I left to meet Mike for lunch. I stopped at the bank on the way because Waffle House only takes cash. Weird. The eating experience was, in general, weird. The food was, eh, okay. Not what I remembered from the one that we went to in VA once. *shrug* Try anything once, I say.

After that, Mike showed me around the comic book store in the area which just happens to be across the shopping plaza from the Waffle House. That was kinda weird since I was the only girl in the place for a good 10 minutes. Kinda creeped me out... mostly because I am not used to being in RIT-ish situations anymore! =-O But it was cool. I'd never been in a comic book store before. We did not get free comic books because they looked either a) lame or b) un-interesting or something. (it was free comic book day.)

Then Mike headed to KB and I poked in Fox's (grocery store) just to see if they still had Cherry tomatoes on sale (they didn't) and then I went across the street to Tuesday Morning and The Dollar Tree. Picked up some random things at The Dollar Tree and got some cross stitch kits there, too! *yea* for the internet telling me to look there! I would never have thought of it. THen I went towards home and stopped at A.C Moore and got some threads that I needed for my next project. I also saw Paige from Singers which was cool. It was especially cool that I remembered her name. :-)

Then I went to Giant (grocery store) and got Apples and Yogurt for lunches this week. *yea* for lunch!

Then I headed home... got home, unpacked the car... and started up on my room again. Worked on it solid for about 2 hours until dinner time... STEAK and baked potatoes and fresh-cooked-spinach (it was fresh then we cooked it.. yum). I cleaned up from dinner while Mom and Dad tried to decide if they wanted to go to the movies. Then I finished cleaning up my room and prepping to move some furniture while Mom and Dad stttillll tried to decide if they wanted to go to the movies. :-P They decided to go to a late showing so Mom was able to help me move my furniture. I like it a lot better now! I like change. Besides, I think it is way better fung-shui-wise now. And it will get even better when I switch a couple more things around. I spent the evening singing out of my books and talking to Heather and washing my bed sheets. Woo for Saturday night. :-P

Tomorrow I've got Church, Eagle Scout Ceremony, and at night Mike and I are going over to his new friend's house to play games or something. Should be interesting. :-) Shower then sleepy time!
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